The Fall event for clubs to enter for some fun and for beginners to use as low key competition to experience what a competition is like.

We had five male club members who wanted to “have a go” to see where they were in terms of performance when none have focused towards any peak.

Our “little guy” with a big personality, namely Tim Wostradowski is finding such events very useful to get more platform experience and he managed his stress levels better, so much so that he achieved new PR’s in the clean and jerk, and total with 148.  We expect 150+ next time.




Then Hugo Martinez lifted well for his first ever 200lb snatch (91kg)!!!! Hugo’s technique and hip speed has really improved over the last few months and this showed.

Also lifting were Mike Aasen, Joe Damiani and Guillaume Girard who all had a good time but because of where they are in training none were expecting big numbers.

Also thanks for those training and encouraging on the night. A great evening and much learning for all.

A big thanks from the coach for representing the club!

Mike Cartwright


Photo Credit: Sandrine Lepesqeueux