Capilano Weightlifting Club

Capilano Weightlifting Club

We are a little old school. We believe that hard work and dedication to the art and science of weightlifting takes blood, sweat and sometimes a good laugh. We work hard, and compete all over Canada. New members are always welcome.

How to get started

Send us a message that you are coming and we can talk about making some space. We welcome new lifters and experienced lifters from all over. Sometimes our classes get full, so give us a heads up before you come just so that we can make sure we have space.


Head Coach – Mike Cartwright

Involved in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting for over 40 years and still competing today.
Represented TeamGB and Team England as both athlete and coach.
Winner of many national, British and world masters titles and records.

What is Olympic Weightlifting?

Weightlifting, also called Olympic-style weightlifting,  is an athletic discipline where the athlete must attempt to lift the maximum amount of weight they can from ground to overhead. The two competition lifts  and they are  the snatch and the clean and jerk.  In comparison with other strength sports, which test strength (with or without lifting aids), Weightlifting tests aspects of explosive strength; the lifts are therefore executed faster—and with more mobility and a greater range of motion during their execution—than other strength movements. Properly executed, the snatch and the clean and jerk are both dynamic and explosive while appearing graceful.

2018 BC Masters

Capilano hosted the BC Masters for 2018 and it was thanks to agree at team effort and individual commitment to make it happen that it ran so smoothly.

This is year saw a record entry for the Masters with over 60 registrations which meant an early start and also a late finish.

We had two ladies lifting, namely Linh Liu and Lucy Maxian. Now both girls have been showing just how they are maturing as lifters in that they remained composed and also determined to do well, which showed in their new competition best lifts and totals. Linh lifted 5/6 with a snatch of 39 and jerk of 45 to total 84 and Gold! Lucy grew in confidence with every lift for a 6/6 performance of 53 snatch and 66 jerk to total 119 foe another Gold!

Terry Cooper lifted well with a 5/6 performance to total 96 (42+54) and a silver.

Mike Cartwright who was not at his best with a trapped nerve lifted below expectations with a total of 187 (85+102) but this was good enough for Gold and also the best lifter award.

Arthur Frenette reported for duty with a head cold but this did not seem to diminish his efforts as he went 6/6 with a total of 195 (85+110) for the Gold and an unofficial Csnadian Masters jerk and total record.

Daniel Webster on his first (hopefully not last) turn out of the Caps decided to demonstrate a show of pure power lifts to go 6/6 with a total of 166 (75+91) for his Gold.

Next up Mr Positive! Kayvan Khalilzadeh once more showed his progress in competition maturity with a total of 164 (70+94) for Gold and a new BC Masters jerk record!

who next? Arnold! In the form of Kenneth Chak Lo who is improving all the time. Kenneth went 6/6 to total 213 (93/120) for Gold and a world masters qualifier!

Keian Kok lifted as well as expected with a total of 190 (80+110) to gain him a well earned silver. Perhaps the best to see was his attempt at 121, which he cleaned! So more is expected from him in the near future.

Jorg Patzer, his first competition but he lifted with the composure of someone more established in lifting. He totalled 197 (85/112) for silver. He was asked to go for the 112 after failing 108, with nothing to lose but to gain qualifying for the PanAm masters. He delivered in great style!

Nick Liu gave a 5/6 performance total of 185 (75/110) which puts him right back to where he has been. We all feel that a 6/6 was possible but he showed a great acting skill of Homer Simpson but dropping the weight before the down signal. We believer hat he was only competing with his wife Linh on this because she did the very same!!!!

when all is said and done it was a great day for the club and thanks to all who lifted and helped out. We did ourselves and the club proud.


A big thank you to all the club members for making it once again a memorable year!
A big Happy New year to you all and see you in 2018 because there is still, and always, a lot of hard work to do.

2017 Island Invitational – Nanaimo

Capilano travelled to Nanaimo this year with four lifters. It was an early start for those travelling on the day and a bit more organised for tho9se who had the sense to travel the day before. But we all made it for the weigh-in and everyone made their respective weights.

First up was the youngster in his 60’s  – Terry Cooper who lifter well with a 5/6 performance with snatches of 42/44/46 and clean and jerk of 62/64 to give a 110 total and a well earned silver medal – well done.

Next up was the experienced master Lance Gallagher who put in a 4/6 performance with snatches of 75/80 and clean and jerks of 90/95 for a total of 175. Then we also had our new kid on the block lifting in his first ever competition Jerico Lumanlan who showed great composure for his first platform experience and gave a 4/6 performance of 74/80 snatch and 92/95 jerks to total 175 and just out of the medals. But he now had new competition PR’s which we all expect him to beat next time out. Well done.

Lastly we had our other tall guy in the shape of Nelson Phillips who gave us a 3/6 performance of 84/88 and 107 for a total of 195 and a bronze medal. His legs failed him this time in the clans so back to basics and squats on the menu!!!

So until the next meet!!! Watch this space and well done to all!!